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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
India tops Global Outsourcing list: Merrill Lynch

Outsourcing in India will grab 50% of the entire offshore outsourcing business according to the reports. Recent studies by Merrill Lynch on global outsourcing put India on top of the list ahead of Ireland, Israel, Canada, Philippines and South Africa. Companies operating outsourcing to India have shown greater satisfaction through their Indian operation than anywhere else.

It needs to be well understood that without offering quality services – outsourcing in India would not have thrived. India boats high level of Information & Technology Enabled Services (ITES) through strong technical back up. In recent the Indian Government has flexed the norms for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) – thereby opening floodgates for the MNC interested to outsource from India.

India is also navigating opportunities of outsourcing in manufacturing sector like engineering, pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronic items, automobile parts, where a good manufacturing base exists with low-cost operation, but attention has to be paid to quality and international standards to win global customers. At present Outsourcing to India is at its peak and India finds little competition from any other country.

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