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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Expanding Horizon of Call Centers in India: Now Microsoft Chips In

Microsoft officials claimed that the company intends to move its Call Center operations to India – an attempt to reduce cost. The move comes of the existing corporate cult – the following of major US firms looking to outsource business to India.

Instigating Call Center in India can amount to exclusive profit according to the surveys and reports. Besides been cheap and effective to open Call Center in India, companies making moves in this regard will also be saved from the hazardous task of creating sturdy customer relationship.

According to Greg Secord VP – BPO bigwig ADB, "Outsourcing purely for financial reasons is not the best bet. You need to be comfortable in your ability to develop a relationship with an outsourcing firm, and trust that their best-practice methodology is proven." A company jumping to start Call Center in India can trust the tech-enabled workforce that ensures quality on the level of international standards. Ensured of quality, cost control and technical vivacity - Microsoft’s opening Call Centers in India looks like right decision in this economical trend.

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