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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Call Centers in India will grow predominantly

Only recently the New Jersey bill to ban outsourcing to India went to the dustbin, when a court ruled against the bill. It was difficult for any bench of court to make ruling in favors – that would hinder the corporate sector meaning the loss to the countries economy. Outsourcing services like Call Centers in India has predominantly been growing and will continue to grow. The value-based services that India is able to provide to US firms ensures that Call Center services sector in India see no backdrop because of some bill that may be the result of some political conspiracy.

Call Centers in India have been growing mainly because Indian employees ask for lesser salaries but also because India has an edge in quality. Why not US firms look for Call Center professionals in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam or the very cheap labor market of African continent. Simply because they are unable to provide what Indians can and that make India as preferred destination for Call Center services.

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