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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Call Centers in India favored by US

Call Centers in India are rapidly escalating due to the immense growth amongst Multinational Banks & Insurance companies. The banking and insurance sector is entirely customer oriented and needs personalized calling services to attract and confirm more customers. Indian Call Center professional provides standard quality of IT and voice enabled services. In the 2002 Global New Economy Index Survey by Meta Group – a US-based surveying agency – has ranked India on top above Israel, Ireland and the Philippines in the quality and availability of IT skills.

At the moment there are 140,000 employees in the Indian Call Center industry and approximately 60% of these companies natively hails from United States. Average salary for an Indian Call Center employee is about $200 far below from an American citizen ($1600-$2000). The cost-effective Indian workforce thus saves US companies million of dollars through offshoring Call Center jobs.

The BPO sector in India is expected to generate $1.2 billion revenues for the year 2003. Call Centers constitutes a major part of the BPO industry in India. Call Centers in India are prospering because of the flexibility and the accent that the Indian community has adopted. By providing little voice-based training Indians can generate quality services to their employees in United States.

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