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Monday, June 23, 2003
WHY prefer Call Centers in India?

Call Centers in India are at its peak today. Customized solution through customer interactive programs in the success mantra of numerous corporate firms nowadays. For the strategic business development – that requires acquired skills for customer queries, solutions etc., Indian Call-Centers are at par with the current marketing demands.

Call Centers not only accumulated the task of interacting with customers but also provides a wider base for official tasks of inventories, bill handling, web-solutions and various other business requirement proceedings. Customers can call (normally through toll-free numbers) the offices of these companies in shape of Call-Centers and ask for their requirements, queries and solutions.

At the same time customers – today – expects higher level of services from the manufactures and it has become a dire need to sustain ones customer for longer duration. Call Centers in this context – becomes very useful. India is producing technically sound work force with high standard of English. It only takes a thought for marketing giants to tap this potential and induce their customer-loyal Call-Centers.

Norms in India to initiate Call Center are very easy. The Government has introduced easy procedures to lease telephone lines with advance features for the successful operations in the area. Employees are well acquainted with technology. And finally, the costs incurred in this context are far lower than their European or American counterparts.

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