Call Center In India - Call Center Industry in India
Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Call Center Industry in India is projected at $142 billion by the year 2008 as per NASSCOM. With its built-in potency, India is advertised as the hot destination for ‘offshore outsourcing hub’.

The booming Indian Call Center Industry is the benchmark of the changing global trend. Economy is going global and so are US industries. And India is their favorite destination. Call centers like GE Caps, TransWorks etc are making deep impact on the Indian economic front. Not only there is a massive increase in the job sector in India but also there is a constant rise in Indian global presence that effects economy, world over.

Call centers in India also avails large facility centers with seats for up to 2000-2500 people. A single Call Center can accommodate accounts for 20-30 clients at a time. This is no mean task and requires specialized manpower and outright money backup and such necessities. Above all – it requires business minds groomed out of B-Schools of repute. Indian educational and professional model fulfills all these criteria. And no wonder why Call Centers in India is the next best to happen to the economy.

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