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Thursday, June 26, 2003
Indian Operations: Whats the Advantage!

Delta Airline Inc. is showing interest to open their Call Center in India and Philippines in an effort to save $26 million. Gloria Richard, Delta’s GM for call-center partners relation claimed that the company is planning to outsource parts of its Call-Center operations offshore – most likely to India and Philippines.

Despite of countries like Canada, Ireland playing major role providing Call-Center services to the US companies, India still remains their favorite. The fact remains clear. Call Center in India is blossoming because the employee gets paid well. Professional from different fields are finding place at Call Centers because of high income and fun during work.

In the last few days, US have been on a lookout for near-shore locations for its Call Center and outsourcing needs. Countries like Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago are willing to provide back-up services to US. But studies suggest that education level for these countries is very low, which decreases their efficiency and qualification to handle such important job as call handling and meeting customers requirements. Canada, Mexico are also likely to be US near-shore options but employee cost is more here. As compared India as Call Center destination comes very cheap. For what costs $1-2 per hour in India for per employee would be costing $5-7 in Canada and $2.5-3 in Caribbean. Call Center in India thus remains most favorable within the Corporate Firms in US.

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