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Monday, June 30, 2003
Evaluated Growth in Call Centers in India

Call Centers in India are prospering upon the upscale rise amongst the entrepreneurs who are trying to allure their customers through inbound and outbound calling facility. This concept raving in US have enabled many offshore Call Centers establishments, majorly is India.

Opening Call Centers in India provides a strong base for the companies in US and Europe. The quality of English is up to the par of international standards. Indians are technically literate and are comfortable with new technologies arising in the industry.

According to Deepak Dhawan, vice-president, Human Resources, EXL Services India, some of the serious Call Center are having a long-term view as far as growth prospects in the industry is concerned and not only has this emerged as a correct fundamental, but is also guiding the overall growth. Call Centers in India appears set for another round of consolidation with several mergers and acquisitions plans in the making.

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